5 August 2022

Heuchera 'World Caffe™ Vienna' PBR

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Heuchera 'World Caffe Vienna' PBR

Cultivar denomination: 'World Caffe™ Vienna' PBR

A Polish variety bred and introduced to the market as a supplement to the well-known series of World Caffe heuchera . This variety is characterized by an intensely red and burgundy color of the leaves and a compact, hemispherical shape. The leaves are shiny. The plant grows up to 20 cm in height. In June and July it creates small, creamy flowers gathered in openwork inflorescences raised above the leaves. The variety is perfect for nursery production, both under cover and outdoors, in pots with a volume of one to three liters. It does not require any special care treatments. Prefers a semi-shaded location, but tolerates full sun exposure. The variety is fully winter-hardy.

Hardiness zone: 4 -34/-29 °C

Breeder: Vitroflora Grupa Producentów sp. z o.o., Poland

Year of market introduction: 2021

Applicant: Vitroflora Grupa Producentów Sp. z o.o., Trzęsacz 25, 86-022 Dobrcz, Poland