5 August 2022

Hydrangea paniculata LITTLE LIME® PUNCH

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Hydrangea paniculata LITTLE LIME® PUNCH

Cultivar denomination: 'SMNHPH' PBR

Dwarf variety, more compact and with stiffer shoots than Little Lime®. The large inflorescences are made up of sterile flowers only. Initially, they are lime green, with time they become pink, up to intense red. When more flowers appear on the bush, an interesting effect of a mixture of white, pink and red colors is created. Like other bouquet hydrangeas, this plant is undemanding, easy to grow and frost-resistant. It has great potential for use in private and public green areas.

Hardiness zone: 5b -26/-23 °C

Breeder: Megan Mathey, Spring Meadow Nursery Inc, USA

Year of market introduction: 2021

Applicant: Szkółki Kurowscy, ul. Kurowska 105, 24-130 Końskowola, Poland