5 August 2022

Hydrangea paniculata LITTLE SPOOKY

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Hydrangea paniculata LITTLE SPOOKY

Cultivar denomination: 'GRHP08' PBR

A dwarf deciduous shrub that grows to about 0.5 m in height and 0.3 m in width, whose advantage is extremely stiff shoots, easily supporting large inflorescences. Blooms profusely on this year's shoots from July to October. The flowers are greenish at the beginning of flowering, then turn creamy white and slightly pink at the time of fading. The plant forms only sterile flowers, gathered in dense, spherical inflorescences. Green leaves typical of the species. The plant is tolerant to soil type, but grows best in fertile, constantly moist, slightly acidic soils, in sunny positions. Spring pruning is recommended for better flowering. The variety is completely frost-resistant, resistant to diseases, recommended primarily for single plantings in home gardens, in exposed places. Due to its small size, it is perfect when planted in containers decorating terraces and balconies.

Hardiness zone: 5a -29/-27 °C

Breeder: Guido Rouwette, The Netherlands

Year of market introduction: 2018

Applicant: Szkółka Roślin Ozdobnych WAŻYŃSCY, Pniewo 37, 99-311 Bedlno, Poland