5 August 2022

Miscanthus sinensis 'Polonus' PBR

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Miscanthus sinensis 'Polonus' PBR

Cultivar denomination: 'Polonus' PBR

A compact, Polish variety distinguished by a compact, dense habit. Clumps reaching about 1.5 m in height. Narrow, dark green leaves, arched. Blooms in September. Inflorescences of purple-burgundy color. The panicles are numerous, set low above the leaves. In late autumn, they become fluffy, becoming a bit curly and taking on a caramel shade. Hence, this miscanthus looks extremely effective even in winter. Prefers average garden soils, moderately moist and sunny positions. The variety is recommended for planting singly or in groups, in home gardens, or for urban greenery and housing estates.

Hardiness zone: 5a -29/-27 °C

Breeder: Marek Synowiec, Poland

Year of market introduction: 2022

Applicant: Szkółka Roślin Ozdobnych Daglezja Artur Maj, ul. Okopowa 60, 08-500 Ryki, Poland