5 August 2022

Physocarpus opulifolius MAGIC BALL

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Physocarpus opulifolius MAGIC BALL

Cultivar denomination: 'LP1' PBR

An interesting variety of the Physocarpus due to the constant change in the color of its foliage during the growing season. A shrub with a naturally compact, spherical habit, easy to branch out, reaching 1 m in diameter. Young leaves are intensely orange. In summer they brighten to a golden color, and in autumn they turn dark red. Pink flowers, contrasting with the foliage, develop in June with sparse fruit. The plant is easy to grow, with no special requirements.  Interesting ornamental value, hence its great potential for use in private and public greenery.

Hardiness zone: 4 -34/-29 °C

Breeder: Leena Plant Boomkwekerijen BV, The Netherlands

Year of market introduction: 2021

Applicant: Szkółki Kurowscy, ul. Kurowska 105, 24-130 Końskowola, Poland