5 August 2022

Rhododendron 'Anna'

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Rhododendron 'Anna'

Cultivar denomination: 'Anna'

A Polish variety of large-flowered azalea with pink, full flowers, gathered in large, spherical inflorescences at the tops of the shoots. Strongly curled petals are a characteristic feature of the plant.  Blooms in May. Shrub of medium growth strength and a loose habit. Grows from 1 to 2 m in height.  Variety with satisfactory resistance to mildew. Winter-hardiness and soil requirements similar to those of other large-flowered azaleas grown in Poland. Recommended for planting in home gardens, estate greenery, on moors, in naturalistic compositions.

Hardiness zone: 6a -23/-21 °C

Breeder: Szkółka Krzewów Ozdobnych PUDEŁEK, Poland

Year of market introduction: 2022

Applicant: Szkółka Krzewów Ozdobnych PUDEŁEK, ul. Pańska 40, 43-332 Pisarzowice, Poland