5 August 2022

Sempervivum arachnoideum ARCTIC WHITE

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Sempervivum arachnoideum ARCTIC WHITE

Cultivar denomination: 'BELSEMCOB2' PBR

Evergreen rock garden perennial forming flat rosettes of lanceolate, pointed, fleshy leaves that are covered with exceptionally white hairs on the sides and at the top, resembling a spider's web. The individual rosettes are placed closely next to each other, creating flat spherical cushions, 10 cm high and 15 cm in diameter. The plant forms a strong root system.  Blooms from May to July. Its pink flowers are raised on thick stems growing from the center of the leaf rosettes. The plant prefers a sunny position and sandy, well-drained soil. The variety is recommended for planting in alpine gardens, on rock walls and in containers placed on sunny balconies and terraces.

Hardiness zone: 3 -40/-35 °C

Breeder: Belgicactus B.V.B.A., Belgium

Year of market introduction: 2021

Applicant: Hortipol Gospodarstwo Ogrodnicze, Kałuże 57, 98-335 Pątnów, Poland