17 July 2023

Hydrangea macrophylla PINKY BINDER® ‘Pinhydrbin12’ PBR

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Hydrangea macrophylla Pinky Binder® ‘Pinhydrbin12’ PBR

A compact variety of garden hydrangea with clearly speckled flowers in pink tones.  The shrub is erect with stiff shoots, capable of holding impressive inflorescences, and a compact habit. It grows up to about 1 m in height. Seasonal, green, elliptical leaves. Sterile flowers only, gathered on the tops of shoots in large spherical inflorescences, beautifully displayed against the background of dark leaves. Two-color flowers, initially aquamarine-pink, later light pink to cream with irregular, dark, striped fuchsia discoloration, creating an original marbled pattern. The shrub blooms from July to August. Satisfactory frost resistance. The plant prefers fertile, humus, moist soils, semi-shady and shady locations, sheltered from the wind in winter. Suitable for growing in containers placed on balconies and terraces.

Hardiness zone: 6b -20/-18 °C

Breeder: Star Roses and Plants / Conard-Pyle - Ball Horticultural Company, USA

Year of market introduction: 2023

Applicant: MINIER Professional Solutions, Les Fontaines de l'Aunay, 49250 Beaufort-en-Vallée, France