17 July 2023


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A variety of paradise apple tree with incised purple leaves, dark pink flowers and small red fruits. The tree grows up to 6 m high and 4.5 m wide. The erect and branched shoots create a dense, oval crown. It blooms at the turn of April and May. The flowers are simple, magenta in color, forming very profusely. Small, intensely purple leaves develop along with the flowers, with entire margins , while the three-lobed leaves are characteristically incised, developing on long shoots. The leaves maintain an attractive dark color throughout the growing season. Small, spherical, red fruits ripen in autumn, with shiny skin. They look especially nice on twigs after the leaves have fallen. The variety has high resistance to diseases of apple trees, very well suited for cultivation in nurseries. Satisfactory frost resistance.

Hardiness zone: 6b -20/-18 °C

Breeder: Keith S. Warren, USA

Year of European market introduction: 2016

Applicant: MINIER Professional Solutions, Les Fontaines de l'Aunay, 49250 Beaufort-en-Vallée, France