17 July 2023

Pinus nigra 'Merci' PBR

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Pinus nigra 'Merci' PBR

Polish, dwarf variety of black pine with a compact, spherical habit. It grows slowly. After ten years of cultivation reaches about 0.6 m in diameter. Creates a perfect sphere by itself, no trimming required. Its needles are short, green and, unlike other varieties of black pine, soft to the touch. Looks good as a standard tree when grafted on a trunk. This variety prefers sunny positions, but also tolerates partial shade, and grows well in most average, well-drained garden soils. It is suitable for growing in pots placed on balconies and terraces, and for planting in home gardens, allotments and rockeries.

Hardiness zone: 5b -26/-23 °C

Breeder: Nikodem Nowaczyk, Poland

Year of market introduction: 2023

Applicant: Szkółka NOWACZYK, Wyganów 1, 63-740 Kobylin, Poland