17 July 2023

Taxus baccata ‘Kazimierz Nowak‘ PBR

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Taxus baccata ‘Kazimierz Nowak‘ PBR

A Polish variety with a columnar habit and dark green needles. At a young age, the bushes are characterized by a narrow habit, but they grow wide over time. The arched needles are quite long and dark green. As a male taxon, it does not set seeds. The bush is naturally dense and compact. This variety breaks stereotypes about the slow growth of yews. Rather fast growth, growing up to 40 cm per year at the age of 5-6 years. A 25-year-old specimen reached 6 m in height. The growth rate is clearly faster than other columnar varieties, which is the main distinguishing feature of this variety. Perfect for planting in the form of hedges and rows, both formed and uncut, natural. This variety, especially for impatient people, quickly results in a magnificent hedge. Shrubs look good planted in clusters of 3-5 plants. A frost-resistant variety, resistant to air pollution, tolerates drought in old age.

Hardiness zone: 5a -29/-27 °C

Breeder: Andrzej Kujawa, Poland

Year of market introduction: 2023

Applicant: Szkółka BĄBLIN Andrzej Kujawa, Bąblin 16b, 64-607 Kiszewo, Poland