17 July 2023

Thuja plicata ‘Golden Whipcord’

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Thuja plicata ‘Golden Whipcord’

A variety distinguished by intensely yellow, threadlike shoots and a characteristic, weeping habit. After 10 years, it reaches about 0.5 m in width and height. Grafted on a trunk, it forms a decorative tree with an original, umbrella-shaped, yellow crown all year round. Stringy shoots and twigs grow from the center of the bush, overhanging and cascading down. The variety is resistant to sunburn, can easily grow in sunny places, frost resistant. An easy-to-grow shrub, it grows well on humus, well-drained soils. Recommended for planting in home gardens, and rock gardens. Thanks to its golden color, it looks great in decorative pots placed on terraces and balconies.

Hardiness zone: 5b -26/-23 °C

Breeder: Wiel Linssen, The Netherlands

Year of market introduction: 2022

Applicant: Szkółka NOWACZYK, Wyganów 1, 63-740 Kobylin, Poland