17 July 2019

Mission of Polish Nurserymen Association

Podziel się!

Polish Nurserymen Association is organization which gathers producers of the highest quality of trees, shrubs and perennials. Its aim is to integration of nursery environment in Poland, spreading modern methods of production and knowledge necessary to run nursery business, promoting of quality standards and professional ethics. The Association organizes International Exhibition GREEN IS LIFE, numerous lectures, seminars and conferences, produces publications both for amateurs and for professionals involved in green sector. In each activities tries to preach socially responsible idea of surrounding with plants. They are not only decoration, which provide aesthetic experience and make our lives more beautiful. First of all plants shape the environment
of man. By their inherent nature, at least producing oxygen and steam, ability to clean the air and soil from carcinogens or by bactericidal effect, they make our lives healthier and environment of our life is cleaner.

Polish Nurserymen Association tries to remind that development of cities, building of public infrastructure and industrialisation should be accompanied by care about condition of man environment and balanced development of our country. Logo of Association clearly shows the designated aim – this is hand suggestively giving the leaf, that is transferring idea: let’s live among the greenery, surround with plants, because those plants give us oxygen essential for life, clear environment, beautiful landscapes, green rooms and inside that - silence and rest.