16 July 2019

Ajuga tenorii PRINCESS NADIA

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Ajuga tenorii PRINCESS NADIA 'Piotrek01' PBR

Ajuga Steenland 1Law, thick perennial, creating rosettes of colorful, half evergreen leaves, while blooming it reaches 10-20 cm in height.  It grows with runners. The leaves are obovate, rounded on tips, grey and green, surrounded with irregular, white cream border on the edges, in case of young leaves with a pink one. Basal leaves are smaller, thinner and longr, stem leaves are wider. The stems of inflorescences grow in May, flowers are numerous, small, blue and purple, set in tiers and interwoven with small leaves. The plant is easy to grow. It requires moist, fertile and well-drained soil, slightly acidic and semi-shady location Hardiness zone: 6b. It can be used as a perennial in small gardens and also as a seasonal plant to create compositions in bowls and balcony containers.

Breeder: Piotr Szczęsny, The Netherlands

Applicant: PLANTLINE B.V., Reijerskoop 160, 2771 BT Boskoop, The Netherlands