16 July 2019

Phlox paniculata 'Narwiański Wir'

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Phlox paniculata 'Narwiański Wir'

This is a Polish variety of phlox with two-color leaves and big, pink flowers. It is a high perennial with stiff, not branched shoots growing from short rhizomes, growing up to 100 cm in height. It creates ornamental, dark green leaves with yellow and green inside. In July and August the nice smelling, big, pink flowers with a dark centre, gathered in paniculate inflorescences bloom at the tops of shoots. A variety with small requirements, tolerates most of moderately moist garden soil, sunny to slightly shady  locations. Hardiness zone: 5b. It best looks in groups, planted in perennial beds or together with annual plants. The variety is recommended for rustic gardens.

Breeder: Przemysław Godlewski, Poland

Applicant: OGRODY O ZIELONYCH PROGACH Przemysław Godlewski, ul. Zegrzyńska 80, 05-140 Skubianka, Poland