16 July 2019

Rhododendron 'Lidia'PBR

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Rhododendron 'Lidia'PBR

A Polish variety of Japanese azalea, which creates low, dwarf, but vigorously growing shrubs which can be a cover plant.  It creates numerous flat arrangements of  shoots, covered with small evergreen dark green leaves. The shrub grows up to 20 cm in height. It blooms in May by creating funnel-shaped, orange and red flowers gathered on tops of shoots in clusters in loose inflorescences. It blooms very abundantly. It requires acid, humus, well-drained, constantly moderately moist soil. Sunny to semi-shady locations. Hardiness zone: 6b. The variety meant for growing together with heathers, in rock and oriental gardens. Blends in with other low coniferous plants very nicely.

Breeder: Jerzy Smolin, Poland

Applicant: Gospodarstwo Rolniczo-Ogrodnicze Szkółka Drzew i Krzewów Ozdobnych Jerzy SMOLIN, Ligota Dolna, ul. Wołczyńska 54, 46-200 Kluczbork, Poland