16 July 2019


Podziel się!


This is a climbing rose with very clear, orange color of flowers. It grows strongly, creates long shoots covered with thorns and big, dark green and glossy leaves. It grows up to 1.5-2 m in height. The flowers are big, semi-double, made up of numerous petals with the original coppery and orange color. They are gathered in clusters on tops of the stems. The shrubs bloom in the early summer and repeat blooming for the whole season. Non-fruiting. It requires sunny and warm locations, protected from wind, rich, clayish, well-drained and moderately moist soil with humus. The variety is resistant to fungal diseases. Hardiness zone: 6b. The rose is recommended to be planted in home gardens, growing on pergolas, fences, trellises and other supports.

Breeder: David Kenny, Ireland

Applicant: RosaPLANT Kamila Rakowska-Szlązkiewicz, Ul. Nowołęczna 3, 05-100 Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Poland