16 July 2019

Salvia nemorosa 'Rose Marvel'PBR

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Salvia nemorosa 'Rose Marvel'PBR

This is a low bushy perennial with upright habit and intensely pink flowers and involucres. While blooming it grows up to 30 cm in height. It creates small, elliptical leaves with corrugated edges. The blades of leaves are green and wrinkled. The flowers are pretty big, dorsiventral, pink, gathered in straight ear inflorescences. The plant blooms in June and July luring bees and butterflies. When overblown inflorescences are removed the plant is stimulated to form new flower buds, which extends its blooming period. The perennial is tolerant of ground, it grows well in moderately moist to dry soil, in the sunny locations. The variety is resistant to frost, Hardiness zone: 5. It is recommended to be planted in groups in the perennial beds, in rock gardens and in containers.

Breeder: Darwin Perennials, USA.

Applicant: Gospodarstwo Specjalistyczne PANEK, ul. M. Dąbrowskiej 12, 05-800 Pruszków, Poland