17 June 2021

Plant Novelties Competition 2021

Podziel się!

Please, feel invited to participate in the Plant Novelties Competition, organized as part of GREEN IS LIFE & FLOWER EXPO POLAND !

This competition is aimed at any and all companies which want to popularize and promote their plants – breeders and nurserymen introducing new varieties to the market.
The objective of the competition is to broadly promote new interesting trees, shrubs, climbers, and perennials which have huge commercial potential. This year, the plants will be once again assessed by an international jury. As part of the promotion of the plants submitted to the competition, the winner will also be chosen by representatives of the industry media, as part of e-mail voting, as well as by gardeners and plant lovers, as part of a plebiscite organized on Facebook and/or Instagram.

Participation in the competition is related to a wide promotion of the novelties themselves and the companies submitting it. Plants and its descriptions along with the information about the entity submitting the plant to the competition are:

Information about the awarded plants and plants with distinctions will be:

According to the Rules attached, the following is considered as novelties: new taxa which have been put into production and/or have been available for sale in Poland for no longer than 5 years. Varieties which have already appeared in previous editions cannot participate in the competition. Novelties may be submitted to the competition by exhibitors of International Exhibition GREEN IS LIFE & FLOWER EXPO POLAND and people or companies not participating in the exhibition. Detailed requirements and criteria as well as information are included in the Rules of the competition.

Photos and information about the submitted plants will be forwarded to the media and widely published on the web, and this is why minimum 3 photos in high resolution with permission for their publication together with comprehensive descriptions of plants are required.

Submission of new varieties to the Competition  shall be made on the basis of the Internet Form, completed separately for each variety, the link to which is to be found below.

We count on your interest in this year's Plant Novelties Competition and submitting a lot of new attractive varieties.

14 July 2020

Plant Novelties Competition 2021

Winners of Plant Novelties Competition 2021