15 July 2019

Weigela florida LIME MONSTER

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Weigela florida LIME MONSTER 'BRS1' PBR

A Polish variety of Weigela which is characterized by extremely big leaves with an interesting, light green (lime) color. The shrub grows up to 1.5 m in height. Young shoots are pretty thin, upright, covered with reddish skin. The leaves are very big, can measure up to 25 cm in length, they are slightly corrugated and misshapen. They resemble exuberant leaves of basil which makes the plant look stunning and exotic. In the late summer red blushes appear in the leaves. The flowers are not numerous, pink, without a big significance. The soil is to be moderately moist, averagely rich with neutral pH. Hardiness zone: 6a. Th variety is recommended for home gardens, parks and urban  greenery areas. It can be planted in groups or along with other shrubs or perennials The shoots with big leaves can be used for floristic compositions.

Breeder: Bronisław Jan Szmit, Poland

Applicant: Szkółka SZMIT, ul. Kwiatowa 18, 06-400 Pęchcin k. Ciechanowa, Poland