24 July 2019

Phlox paniculata 'Warsaw Sunrise'

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Phlox paniculata 'Warsaw Sunrise' PBR

Attractive cultivar with multicolored leaves and pink flowers. It is a tall perennial with stiff, unbranched stems growing from short rhizomes, growing up to 1 m in height. It creates decorative, yellow-cream leaves with irregular, green spots and blurred margins, located along the main vein. Large, pink and fragrant flowers with magenta eye gathered in inflorescences form on stem tops in July and August.

A cultivar with low requirements, tolerates most moderately moist garden soils, prefers sunny locations to slightly shady. Frost resistant plant (zone 5b).

Looks best planted in groups in perennial beds, where it creates a distinct color accent.

Polish cultivar bred by Przemysław Godlewski, introduced to the market in 2019 by Ogrody o Zielonego Progach Przemysław Godlewski.

Applicant: OGRODY O ZIELONYCH PROGACH – Szkółka Bylin, Przemysław Godlewski, 05-140 Serock, Skubianka, ul. Zegrzyńska 80, Poland