24 July 2019

Robinia 'Anna Irena'

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Robinia 'Anna Irena' PBR

A vigorous tree with a light, openwork crown reaching 8-10 m in height, characterized by original, bi-colored flowers. The leaves are pinnate, composed of several leaves. Papilionaceous flowers, comprised of a pink wing and white keel gathered in clusters of inflorescences. Blooms profusely in June and repeats flowering in September. Another advantage is its honey-richness, beneficial for bees during flowering.

The plant is very tolerant in terms of soil type, endures urban conditions. Prefers sunny positions. Resistant to frost (zone 5a).

The cultivar is recommended for larger home gardens, parks, naturalistic compositions and urban greenery.

Polish cultivar bred by Stefan Włodarczyk, introduced to the market in 2019 by Szkółka Szmit.

Applicant: Szkółka SZMIT, Pęchcin, ul. Kwiatowa 18, 06-400 Ciechanów, Poland