13 August 2020

Acer rubrum REDPOINTE® ‘Frank Jr’ PBR

Podziel się!

American variety of the red maple, distinguished by healthy foliage, recommended for planting in cities as a street tree. Contrary to the species, its leaves do not undergo chlorosis and yellowing when grown in soils with inadequate, too high pH. A medium-sized tree, up to 15 m tall, with a strong trunk and regularly arranged branches that naturally form a wide, conical crown. Three-lobed leaves, irregularly serrated at the edges, heart-shaped at the base, dark green and shiny on the upper side, paler and dull on the underside, growing on long, 10 cm long red petioles. The lobes are short and triangular. Healthy leaves, green throughout the season, change color to intense red in autumn. A tree with increased resistance to anthracnose and attacks of spider mites and leafhoppers. Red maple prefers acidic, moist and sunny positions. Frost-resistant variety (zone 5a), recommended for planting in parks, gardens, urban green areas and housing estates.

Breeder: Keith S. Warren, J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.

Introduced to the market: 2012

Applicant: Minier Solutions pro (Hortival Difusion SAS) 25 route les fontaines de l'Aunay Beaufort en Anjou, France