13 August 2020

Hydrangea macrophylla MAGICAL JEWEL ‘HORE140103’ PBR

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A compact variety garden hydrangea from the Magical® group. Characterized not only by a very compact habit, but also by a large number of shoots. The bushes grow up to 1 m in height and are similar in width. Stiff stems are straight and slightly branched. Seasonal, green, elliptical leaves. Only sterile flowers, gathered in large spherical inflorescences at the tops of the shoots. Initially lime-green, they take on different colors during development and flowering: shades of pink, green, purple, and at the end of summer they turn red. The shrub blooms in July, the inflorescences remain decorative until late autumn.  Since flower buds develop in summer and develop only in the next season, shrubs should be planted in secluded places, sheltered from the wind in the winter and protected against freezing – cover stems with pine bark. Moderate frost resistance (zone 6b). The plant prefers fertile, humus, moist soils ad semi-shaded or shady locations. The variety is recommended for growing in home gardens in the warmer, western part of the country, and in containers kept during the winter in unheated rooms at a temperature of around 0°C. The variety was awarded a bronze medal in the novelty competition of the Royal Boskoop Horticultural Society Spring Challenge in 2020.

Breeder: Lendert de Vos

Introduced to the market: 2020

Applicant: Duet sj Konopka, Pełka, Emilianów 31, 05-250 Radzymin, Poland