13 August 2020

Hydrangea paniculata LIVING PINK & ROSE ‘LC NO14’ PBR

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A fast-growing deciduous shrub, 1.3 m high and 1.2 m in diameter. Stiff, erect shoots. Dark green ovate leaves, pointed at the ends, hairy on both sides. Only sterile flowers, gathered in large paniculate inflorescences formed at the tops of the shoots. Flowering begins in July and lasts until September. The inflorescences are white at first, then turn pink. The flowers at the base change color first, then higher and higher, while the top of the panicle changes color the latest. In September, the inflorescences turn bright pink. After flowering the flowers dry up, but still adorn the shrub almost throughout the fall and winter. The variety is recommended for cultivation in moderately fertile, moist, well-drained, slightly acidic soils, in sunny or semi-shaded positions. Fully resistant to frost (zone 5) and rarely attacked by diseases and pests. Recommended for planting singly or in groups - in home gardens, on plots and estate greenery. Inflorescences can be cut, placed in vases and dried.

Breeder: Alex Frederick Schoemaker

Introduced to the market: 2018

Applicant: Duet sj Konopka, Pełka, Emilianów 31, 05-250 Radzymin, Poland