13 August 2020

Parrotia persica PERSIAN SPIRE® ‘JLPN01’ PBR

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Parrotia persica PERSIAN SPIRE® ‘JLPN01’ PBR

A slowly growing deciduous tree with a narrow, columnar habit, reaching about 2 m in height after 7 years of cultivation. Forms a short trunk covered with peeling, multi-colored bark, decorative in the leafless period. All branches are erect, leaves ovate, narrower and finer than other varieties of parotia. Glossy leaves on top, matte on the bottom. Young leaves are dark purple, light green in summer with a maroon border, turning yellow, orange and red in autumn. In our climatic conditions, it does not bloom or blooms very rarely. The flowers are small, hidden in brown pituitary glands, appear before the leaves develop. The variety is resistant to frost (zone 5b), drought and air pollution. Tolerates most garden soils, but dislikes alkaline soils. It grows best in sunny positions in home and estate gardens. It can be grown in containers placed on balconies and terraces.

Breeder: John Lewis

Introduced to the market: 2015

Applicant: PIECH Szkółka, ul. Polna 1, 24-130 Końskowola, Poland