13 August 2020

Rosa ZEPETI® ‘Meibenbino’ PBR

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Profusely flowering miniature rose with short, upright shoots and intensely red, small flowers. It grows up to 70 cm in height. The small leaves are shiny, dark green and healthy. The flowers are full, red, made of about 25 petals, up to 5 cm in diameter after unfolding. The flowers form singly or gathered in two or threes at the ends of the shoots. The plant blooms profusely in June, repeating flowering until autumn. Healthy variety, highly resistant to powdery mildew and black spot disease, tolerates summer heat and frost well (zone 5a). It grows best in sunny positions, on fertile, sandy loam, well-drained and moderately moist soils. The variety is recommended for growing in pots on balconies and terraces, for interior decoration, and for planting in garden beds with low perennials and shrubs.

Breeder: Alain Antoine Meilland, Meilland International SA

Introduced to the market: 2019

Applicant: PLANTPOL Sp. z o. o., Jezioro 33-35, 32-600 Oświęcim, Poland