24 July 2019

Taxus ×media 'Masa'

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Taxus ×media 'Masa' PBR

A dense shrub with a broad columnar habit growing up to 2-3 m in height. Moderate growth rate. Numerous upright shoots, branches arranged vertically. Green needles thick, wide and pointed. Young light green growths look beautiful against older, darker needles. The female variety sets small amounts of seeds in fleshy, red arils. Shrub tolerant to soil type and location. It grows well on calcareous soils, moderately moist, permeable, both in full sunlight and in shade. Cultivar resistant to low temperatures (zone 5b). Shrub recommended for planting in home gardens and public greenery, singly or in groups, in the form of rows or hedges. Polish cultivar bred by Joanna Szaniawska, introduced to the market in 2019 by Acrocona SDiKO Joanna Szaniawska.

Applicant: ACROCONA Szkółki Drzew i Krzewów Ozdobnych Joanna Szaniawska, ul. Wilanowska 1, 05-509 Józefosław, Poland