24 July 2019

Abies koreana 'Forest Child'

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Abies koreana 'Forest Child'

Slow-growing, dwarf fir with a flattish round shape, growing up to 60 cm in diameter in ten years. Numerous, short shoots, strongly branched. Evergreen needles, short and stiff, arranged radially around the shoots. The needles are dark green from the top, slightly shiny, on the bottom there are two wide strands of a silvery wax coating. Spherical top buds, covered with light brown-colored scales. The variety is offered in a spectacular miniature tree form, grafted at different heights.

The plant prefers fertile, moderately moist, permeable soils with a slightly acidic pH. Requires a sunny position, but also tolerates semi-shaded positions. Frost resistant variety (zone 5b).

Recommended mainly for home gardens. It looks best planted in beds, moors, rock gardens and in oriental style compositions. It is suited for growing in containers placed on balconies and terraces.

Polish cultivar selected by Jan Nowaczyk, perhaps a hybrid, released to the market in 2017 by Szkółka Nowaczyk.

Applicant: Szkółka NOWACZYK, Wyganów 1, 63-740 Kobylin, Poland