24 July 2019

Hemerocallis 'Wassaw Island'

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Hemerocallis 'Wassaw Island'

A clump perennial with attractive, arched and evenly narrow leaves and dark orange flowers. During flowering, it grows up to 70 cm in height. It creates funnel-shaped flowers 14 cm in diameter with a bright red throat and yellow eyelet. They are comprised of 6 wide, extruded petals with curled edges. The flowers, set on the tops of long, bare stems growing above the leaves, develop in June and July and have a pleasant smell. The variety repeats flowering, which is a rare feature for daylilies.

The plant is easy to grow, tolerant as to soil type. Grows well in sunny and semi-shady locations, frost resistant (zone 4).

Plant recommended for growing in public green areas and home gardens, in flower beds, in groups or in compositions with other perennials.

Cultivar bred by Hans Halsem, introduced to the market by the Kwekerij Halsema in 2018.

Applicant: Szkółka Krzewów Ozdobnych Maciej, Mateusz MILCZYŃSKI, ul. Góra 23, 43-331 Dankowice, Poland